For Ambitious Teams:

Visualise the problem,

find the solution.

All these challenges can have an impact on our wellbeing.


Dealing with constant change and turbulance can leave you struggling with your own “stuff” - burnout can be a consequence for some.

In today’s crazy fast paced organisations and significant global and local troubles we often find ourselves struggling to maintain productivity - managing the impact of hybrid work places and operating as a team.


Thanks to flexible working we’ve got less office politics but more disconnected team members.

It's time to check on yourself and discover the power of ProReal.

At ProReal we're committed to improving your emotional wellbeing through the use of visual landscapes.

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20 Jun / 1 Jul / 4 Jul / 11 Jul

Bring a more relaxed and joyful 'you' to work.

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Relationship problem?

Find new ways to release or resolve tensions.

24 Jun / 30 Jun / 8 Jul / 15 Jul

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Pick from one of our three free session topic that focus on different challenges.
Give yourself the gift of one hour to change your perspective.


Shift perspectives and see things from a distance.

22 Jun / 28 Jun / 6 Jul / 13 Jul

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Join a private 3D space where we guide you through an exercise to visualise a real situation, problem or a challenge you have right now.


Recreate and explore different view points, get a broader perspective and discover insights you might have missed.


For every £1 spent on mental health interventions, employers get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover. (read more here)

Wellbeing and Performance Hubs for your teams

Do you know?

Participant's feedback

'It has been very interesting experience to look at myself from different perspective. I'm going to partner with my Judge more often :-)'

'My first experience of ProReal, amazing impactful experience.'

'Insightful - I loved walking around and seeing/hearing my beliefs back to me.'

(Based on online events supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 16-19 May 2021)

90% satisfaction rating

Build your resilience and improve emotional wellbeing.


Press the pause button

and focus on wellbeing.

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Scalable, low-cost interventions to help employees move on and perform in real life.


At ProReal we have many guided experiences you can choose from e.g. Lifestyle check-in, Leadership & Personal development, Team Dynamics and many more to help feel better about the world and themselves.

Visualisation helps you

- Express and clarify thoughts

- Organise information

- Collaborate and communicate

Access your brain’s full potential – we process images in only 13 milliseconds !

Toni's here to help everyone discover ProReal!


Michal is the event manager for this series.


Suzie will be helping share the ProReal story to an even wider audience.



David will be your host and guide for the online sessions.

With better understanding of what you’re thinking and feeling and how to solve your challenges, your wellbeing is immediately improved!

Give time to yourself

How it works

Use the power of 3D visualisation to improve how you feel about yourself, your workplace and the world.

With ProReal you can unlock your best thinking in a safe digital space that's all yours!

Join one of our free sessions.

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