Believe we have the capacity to solve our own problems if only we knew how.


We all learned to solve problems in nursery school through play, adventure and by making mistakes. We had to learn problem solving skills as a life skill.


If we’ve have a bad run of problem solving we can lose confidence and become helpless - in fact there’s a term called ‘learned helplessness’. This is where we believe we don’t have the power to change things and come to rely on others to solve our problems.


Another concept associated with this is something called a ‘Locus of control. Those with an external locus of control will look for reasons to blame others and avoid taking personal responsibility – a relationship problem is all about the other person. Those with an internal locus of control will recognise they have played their part and can accept responsibility for successes and failures.


Rethinky is designed to help you solve your own problems so we’re sorry if you wanted it to give you answers and advice. We believe in building agency and confidence, and the individual feeling empowered to think differently and solve problems themselves.


Own the problem.