We don’t have another app – this is our first 😊 The software has been used on laptops and tablets so far so we’re experimenting with this new and exciting possibility.

This is the 2nd round of testing. Your support is highly appreciated.

This testing

How best to use this software?

Adults aged 16+

Evidence shows this software helps build create new insights so it can be used to reflect on situations where there a user may feel stuck or is experiencing a problem or tension.

Who can use it?

How does it works?

A visual medium rather than talking can be more effective when communicating difficult or complex situations or ‘stuff’.

The users experience is based on a several evidence-based benefits:

The most useful ‘reality’ to benefit from is in the users mind rather than on the screen so we use lots of symbolism and metaphor.

Being able to name emotions reduces psychological distress and so opens us up to new possibilities.

Varied and clever use of many camera positions brings insight – that ah-ha moment!

Our story

The software was designed by David Tinker as a learning tool. He took the design principles from his experience in storytelling, puppetry, psychodrama and coaching. Since then, it’s been used by NHS clinicians to support mental health treatment as well as by learning and development professionals in the field of corporate personal development.

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I want to test it

I want to test it

beta tester

"The visualisation allowed me get out of my head - look at a problem from an outside perspective and take new actions."