Have you ever had an ‘Aha’ moment when all of a sudden you see something that was there but you’d not seen it – a lightbulb moment! It’s a moment of sudden inspiration, insight, recognition or comprehension that normally comes about because our brain has taken a different perspective and understood things differently.


Gamma activity indicates a constellation of neurons binding together for the first time in the brain to create a new neural network pathway. This is the creation of a new idea. Immediately following that gamma spike, the new idea pops into our consciousness, which we identify as the aha! moment.


There are 2 stages to insight. Firstly we need to become stuck or fixed in a certain way of seeing or making sense of something - maybe that's why you're on this website. The second stage is to revaluate the problem and break the fixation. This can only be achieved by ‘thinking outside of the box’ – the box being a contained or limited way of seeing things. To enable us to do this we need to see the situation from outside our fixed thinking box – a different perspective.


Rethinkly helps you get out of the box as you start thinking about what it’s like from different perspectives. As this is not an everyday way of thinking it takes effort – something the brain wants to avoid! So, Rethinkly makes finding insight easy with the use of simple prompts and clever camera work.


Assessing the problem from a variety of perspectives to access insight.