We tend to live our lives at breakneck speeds spending our hard earned money of ways to get somewhere or something faster. According to research, our attention span has markedly decreased. In 2000, it was 12 seconds…..now it's shrunk to 8 seconds! In fact you probably won’t read the remainder of this page as you have only 2 seconds of attention remaining! :)


Research has shown technology can interfere with our ability to concentrate. For example, switching our attention between social media, smartphones, tablets as well as TV, radio, or other media harms our ability to complete simple tasks – something that is recognised by 67% of the public.


Slowing down helps eliminate some of the stress in our lives. When stress is reduced we can think with significantly greater clarity.


Rethinkly slows you down. You will be encouraged to think about aspects of your life you normally don’t have the time for. Slow thinking can be both a relief and frustrating. You might have to trust us in helping you slow down a little so you can enjoy your life more.


Step back and slow down.