We all have moments where a relationship seems more stressful than it needs to be. 


Step back in a safe private and personal space to recentre yourself, identify negative cycles and find new ways to relate.

Stuck in a combative cycle, feel misunderstood or even disconnected? 

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What to expect?


Winemaker and coach. Enjoys strawbale building, technology and bringing ideas to life!

Toni's here to help everyone discover Rethink.ly!



One-person IT department. Pragmatism is his second name! Enjoys bringing fresh ideas to difficult problems.


Has a Ph.D. in Fine Arts and has been designing for many years, particularly user interfaces. Loves painting and sailing.

Our team is committed to improving your emotional wellbeing. We hope that by using Rethinkly, you feel more in control.

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We're trusted by leading organisations.

Do you have a challenging relationship in mind that you’d like to improve?

You’ll be supported to explore alternatives to help improve the relationship.

Watch the 3D animation and experience the situation from different viewpoints to understand what’s really going on.

Simply respond to prompts to describe dynamics, thoughts and emotions of those involved.

Find alternatives.

Explore different perspectives.

Tell your story.

Bring a challenging relationship situation to life in a 3D visual space, and see it from their view and yours. Explore the dynamic and gain a new perspective.

In only 15 minutes, you can turn the stress and worry into fresh ideas for action — no waiting for an appointment with a professional helper.

A picture is worth a thousands words.

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How it works

Improve relationships that matter and connect in a better way by unlocking new perspectives.

Rethink personal and work relationships.